Travel to Beruwala

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Beruwala, Oldest mosque, Al-Fasiyatul Nasriya, beach, Barberyn Lighthouse, Brief garden

The spectacular wonders of the atmosphere are nothings more than a peaceful sight that Sri Lanka is most fortune of owning. A unique identity with the chronicles, the hilly mountains hidden away through the giant forests and wild grass, the wild life, educational sights are all precious jewels in country and the citizens are always proud to holding. Located in the town of Kalutara is yet another wonderful destination, Beruwala. Beruwala is regarded to be the first settlement by the Arab traders in the 8th century and today the city is a popular area with the largest Moor population in Sri Lanka. Moreover Beruwala is commonly popular for holding the oldest mosque and the first Muslim Balika Maha Vidyala - Al-Fasiyatul Nasriya, to be built in Sri Lanka.

Moreover the beauty of Beruwala is further smoothened with the limitless beach experience it extends for all visitors. A very demanding place of visit with the tropical climate the country offers. Beruwala beach is a popular destination among visitors who likes to experience a short beach holiday accompanied with beach games among the sandy beach of Beruwala.

Indeed the city is widely a spectacular destination for sight-seeing and the Barberyn Lighthouse of Beruwala is a very popular place of visit. The lighthouse is located on the Barberyn Island which is in close proximity to Beruwala with a 0.8KM offshore. A very remarkable view of the Barberyn Lighthouse would simple be a moment one could take back in time. Simply Sri Lanka is a country with never ending moments of sight- seeing and the Brief garden in Beruwala is a must to be noted place of visit. The famous Bevis Bawa was the core creator of this beautiful place, who simply converted a rubber plantation to a beautifully landscaped garden, which is loved and visited by tourists and locals today.